Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tempo Riding

I had a wedding to get to in Batu Gajah for the weekend, and with limited time for riding, one long tempo ride was all I had time for on Saturday. Rode from home to meet the wife at Bidor. The original plan was to try and make it to Tapah, but with time being limited, I had to cut the ride short at Bidor. Well, it was only about 12 km short, so no biggie. The aim of the ride was to ride in the tempo range for most of the ride, and I achieved that. Had two short stops at Kuala Kubu Baru and Slim River for refills. Average power for 4:15 that it took me to get to Bidor is 188W. Took it steady from Home to Rawang, and tried to keep it between 180W - 225W, which is my tempo thresholds (lower to upper). Power profile is below:

The power profile is pretty steady (well, as steady as you can make an intrinsically stochastic activity steady) except for two peaks. One is climbing out of KL just before the Templer Park, and the other is the short climb out of Rawang. The ride was pretty OK overall, except that I was hoping for some extra speed for that amount of power. But with the monsoon season being what it is, it was a pretty steady headwind all the way to Bidor. And it rained for the last 30 mintues of the ride. It served to re-energise me somewhat, but the ever present wind kept speeds down to a minimum.

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