Monday, November 16, 2009

On The Blink

My laptop's on the blink, so I don't have any power files for you. Somehow or rather, my work desktop can't download the power files so I'm left just jotting down averages to record some rudimentary power data. Weather in the evenings are not conducive to riding outside i.e. it's pissing down most days, so I'm relegated to riding the turbo at TBB when I can. Although boring, it does allow me to regulate training to a narrow range and helps to target the power zones that I am targeting for the work out.
A couple of workouts that I have done so far:
3 x 10 @ 230W with 5 minute rests.
Riding indoors can't seem to allow me to generate the same outdoor power, for whatever reason. I know I can average 250W for a little more than an hour outside, but trying to ride 230W was killing me. So instead of doing the standard TTI (threshold tolerance interval) of 2 x 20, I just did 3 sets of 10 mintes @ 230W.
3 x 15 @ 220W with 5 minute rest.
Knowing that I can't hold 230W for 20 minutes, I reduced average power for the interval to 22oW and did 3 sets of 15 minutes. The last 5 minutes of the last set was absolute murder. One needs very high toelrance of pain to continually do intervals on the turbo as they're absolutely MURDER.
2 x 20 @ 250W with 8 minutes rest.
I had some house painting chores to do on the weekend and couldn't do a long ride, so on Saturday I did the mandatory 2 x 20's up Sempah. Manged to hit my goal watts for the intervals, hitting 254W for the 1st interval and 261 for the 2nd one. Much easier to do TTI's outside than inside, but only if it's heading uphill. Did a ITT (individual time trial) on MRR2 on the way back home and a course which is flat for the most part I only managed to get 240W. Sigh. If only I lived closer to a long gradual climb, then the 2 x 20's would be so easy to do.

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