Monday, November 2, 2009

Cyfora Fraser Road Race

I just got my Powertap about a month ago and have just been playing around with it, learning what it feels like at different power levels,what it feels like during climbing, cruising on the flats, etc. Nothing too analytical during post-ride analysis (no CTL, TSB, TSS, etc.) just trying to guesstimate my FTP, which is the benchmark for training and race performance.

According to
this blog, the best way to estimate your FTP among the 7 methods proposed is a 1~ hour field test. And I managed to do this yesterday during the Cyfora Frasers Road Race. It was a hard 1:10 effort from the start of the climb to Frasers Gap. So after a month of playing around, I've managed to peg my baseline FTP at 250 watts.

Notice the higher average power at the middle of the chart, where we were racing up to The Gap. Based on the roughly 1 hour worth of work, I can estimate my FTP. And after reading Introduction to Racing and Training with Power by Andrew Coggan, I now know the basic training power zones. Now, to get on the bike and actually train with the power levels.

Onto the bike and beyond!!!

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